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Stumble Guys is some kind of remake of the original Fall Guys game where people are trying to become faster than the opponents and win the race. For those who have never played such games I would like to give some useful information. It is a running game which is played in multiplayer mode. At the beginning of the match, 32 players join the server. Keep in mind that the game is available both in single player mode against AI players but it is more interesting when you play against real people. So, when the players are ready, the race begins. The variety of levels in Stumble Guys game is really big - you will definitely enjoy all of them. Each map has different types of obstacles - there are various moving platforms, jumping balls and more. Your main mission is to stay on the track and reach the finish line as fast as you can. At our website you can play the web version of the Stumble Guys but you can also download this game on your smartphones.

How to play Stumble Guys ?

The rules of the game are pretty simple - the whole match is divided into three levels and every time the number of players reduce. For example in the first race only 20 players will be nominated to the second round. You must be faster than the opponents to reach the final round. Keep in mind that if you are not nominated to the next race you can stay as spectator to find out who wins or leave the match and join another one. The controls are also simple - you control your character with the arrow keys. Stumble Guys is a very colorful and addictive game with awesome graphics and great maps so you will definitely enjoy this game.

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